April Showers

April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, yet unfortunately where I live, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we had no rain to speak of during the month of April, yet the State Flower of Texas, the bluebonnet still sprouted and looked so beautiful for about a month. I just wish the flower growers could make that flower bloom and/or last longer. They are so pretty to see large fields of them, along the highways that I drive through here in Texas.

I was contacted by a new client this month to photograph a Gulfstream G-200 for them recently and am grateful for their new business. This jet came in from Europe and had been based somewhere in the Middle East for the past two or three years. The owner needed to upgrade to a larger jet, that would give him greater flying distance than the G-200 does.

The broker was extremely happy with the way the photographs turned out and I have another happy and satisfied client, which makes me happy. My main goal is to help my clients SHOWCASE the beauty of the aircraft they currently have listed and sell them FASTER with beautiful photographs. Another goal of mine is to help educate other brokers into understanding how professional photographs will draw their target audience into the specific aircraft they are listing.

If I can ever be of assistance to you and your company, please contact me. Always glad to help!