Being Thankful

I wanted to take this time to tell you a short story about how God opens up doors for you when you least expect it.

I’ve been photographing corporate jets and large turbo-prop aircraft for over ten years and decided to follow my passion for airplanes and photography full-time over two years ago.

It would take an extremely long time to tell you how I got to where I am right now on a blog, maybe one day I will tell the entire story, but for now, I want to share one brief part of my story and about how the door God opened for me has helped me reach greater heights with my business.

I have a friend, who also happens to be a photographer and her brother is a pilot for a large corporation with a corporate flight department and they have two or three jets. Her brother receives weekly e-mail blasts from a company that specializes in aviation marketing and advertising. John (not his real name) forwarded one of the e-mail blast to his sister Jane (not her real name) and said that maybe Jay (my real name!) could start using this company’s services to grow my business.

I did reach out to the company that produces these wonderful advertisements and this company has helped me grow my business much more rapid than I could have ever done, on my own.

The company is called Aviation Broadcast and they do an incredible job for me and my marketing/advertising needs. Their website is located at If you are involved in the aviation industry and want to grow your business, I highly recommend their work.

I am enclosing a few of the wonderful advertisements that they have sent out via e-mail blasts to help me grow my business. I cannot say enough good things about this company, and I wanted to let other people in the industry know about this company.

I highly recommend this company, they do great work!

Aviaton Broadcast 1

Aviaton Broadcast 3

Aviaton Broadcast 4