Galaxy Interior

I received a call last week on Monday, at the last minute, from a prospective client asking if I could possibly come over on Tuesday morning, to take some interior photographs of a jet that this company had recently redecorated the entire cabin of the jet.

Thankfully, I was able to squeeze them into my schedule and I went over to photograph the new interior the next morning, before a huge rain storm hit that day.  The pilots of the jet were trying to get out of town, back to their home base before the rain storm came through; but that didn’t happen.  Better to be safe than sorry, especially in aviation.

There is an old saying in aviation, “There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots; there are no old bold pilots.”  I think that is a very wise statement.

These are the interior shots of this Gulfstream G-150, I hope you enjoy viewing them.  If you ever have any questions or would like to contact me to photograph one of your aircraft, please contact me; always glad to help.


Galaxy Interior

Galaxy Interior

Galaxy Interior

Galaxy Interior

Galaxy Interior

Citation Excel Interior

Yesterday I was able to share some exterior photographs of the Citation Excel I photographed recently for a aviation brokerage client of mine, today I wanted to share some of the interior photographs from that same jet.

With summer fast approaching, these interiors are going to start getting a LOT warmer when I am inside photographing them.  Still, I love what I do for a living!

If you have a corporate jet or large turbo-prop aircraft for sale, lease or charter, hiring a professional aviation photographer should be your FIRST STEP in its marketing program.  Contact me for more information, always glad to help.








Citation Excel

I recently was contact by an aircraft brokerage firm to photograph a Cessna Citation Excel for them, as they are getting ready to bring this nice looking jet to market to sale for one of their clients.

I went to one of the local airports in the area to photograph it very early one morning about two weeks ago.  I really enjoyed being able to photograph it on such a pretty day, that wasn’t quite too hot, just yet.  Summer is just around the corner here in Texas and it does get VERY warm inside and outside these jets when summer comes roaring through.

I also got to meet one of the pilots of the jet, he was such a nice gentleman, come to find out, he too is from West Texas.  He was born and raised in Littlefield, TX which is about 35 miles northeast of my home town of Lubbock.

If you would like more information about this jet, please let me know and I can put you in touch with the broker.


Ordinary Vs. Extraordinary – May 1, 2013

I recently worked on an e-mail blast advertising campaign and wanted to share it with you.  Tell me what you think of it, please; I look forward to reading your comments.

When you are planning a new advertisement for a publication such as Executive Controller, Business Air, or Charter Hub magazine, do you think about these items when you have photographs taken of the aircraft currently for sale, lease or charter?

Was the sun behind you and the aircraft, or was the sun high in the sky, or even worse, in front of you and the aircraft, leading to what is called a “backlit” photograph?

Was the aircraft parked where there is no chance of distracting shadows within the cabin, providing the setting for extraordinary images that will help the viewer feel as if they are already comfortably sitting in the cabin.

I will take the time to position your aircraft in the most appealing environment possible for realistic, but clean exterior photographs.  If there is a distracting background behind the aircraft, I will take the time to replace that background with a visually appealing one.  For interior photographs, I take great care to make sure the aircraft is parked in the best possible light to capture the beautiful interior without distracting shadows or elements that could take the viewer’s attention from the beautiful décor inside the aircraft.

As a recognized authority in the field of aviation photography, I accept nothing less than excellence. I will help you and your company present incredibly beautiful images that will draw your target audience into your marketing pieces and, asking for more information about your aircraft.

At the end of the e-mail, I enclosed examples of “before/after” photographs that I’ve recently taken of interiors and exteriors so that my target audience can visualize the difference I can make for them.  Here are a few of those photographs.
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Citation Excel Interior compare

Lear Jet Interior – April 28, 2013

I was in the Washington DC area recently, and while I was up there, I had the opportunity to photograph this jet.  I had photographed the exterior at Dallas Love Field about a week earlier, then it got called out on a sudden trip and I was unable to photograph the interior at that time.

I’m so glad it all worked out, eventually, and I was able to photograph both the exterior AND the interior, for a complete shoot.

Hope you like these photographs.

MJ1P3881r_15APR13L Lear Jet Exterior, starboard side. MJ1P4754r_28APR13L MJ1P4797r_28APR13L