Bombardier Challenger 604 – April 26, 2013

Last week, I flew to the Cincinnati area to photograph this Bombardier Challenger 604 for a client.  It was a great day, had to get up very early in the morning and fly out of Washington DC, where I was for the past week, as I was also photographing a Lear Jet 60 for a client, up in the DC area.

Flew over to Cincinnati very early, had lunch with a friend of mine, who then took me to the hangar where this jet was located.

Here are a few of the exterior shots of the jet, I hope you like them.  I’ll post some of the interior shots in just a few days.

Have a great weekend everyone, be safe!

 Challenger 604

 Challenger Exterior

Washington DC Trip

I traveled to our nation’s Capitol on Wednesday of last week for a photo assignment to photograph a Lear Jet 60, and while I was in the area, I also was hired to fly over to Cincinnati to photograph a Challenger 604 for another client.

The trip to Cincinnati was a one day trip and although it was a very productive day, it was also a very long one! I had to leave where I was staying at about 6.30 am in order to catch the Metro train to DCA airport. My flight was on a Delta Connection regional jet; a CRJ-900 and I’d never flown on one of them. It is a nice jet, much better than the original CRJ! The older CRJ has windows so low in the cabin you have to bend over to look outside!

We had to wait about 30 minutes before we finally took off since they were using only runway for landings and take-offs. Made it to CVG okay and that airport, unfortunately is a ghost town now, since Delta Air Lines shut down their hub awhile back.

Went and ate ribs at the world-famous Montgomery Inn Boathouse on the Ohio River and had lunch with an old friend of mine. Then he took me to the Lunken Airport to photograph the Challenger. Beautiful aircraft and the people helping me there were so nice, that certainly helps to make the shoot go smoother.

After shooting the aircraft, a friend of mine’s brother picked me up.

Stay tuned for more.

British Aerospace 146-100

I recently had a client contact me from Germany about photographing his client’s VVIP British Aerospace 146-100 aircraft.  This was a fun assignment and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful jet.

This aircraft was made by the British Aerospace Corporation in the early 1980’s, and when I was in college at Texas Tech University, I worked briefly for Aspen Airways and they flew these aircraft in and out of Lubbock, to Amarillo, TX and then on into Denver, Colorado; as a United Express commuter.  Back in the day, this plane in airline configuration would hold about 85 people in an all-coach class seating arrangement.

We were one of the first, if not the first airline to actually put a jetway bridge up to this aircraft and you had to be VERY careful when doing so or you could hit one of the two engines on the wing as the jetway was moving toward or away from the jet.  I just love this jet, it is a good looking aircraft and to me, even sitting still, it just looks fast.

I also had an extremely enjoyable time talking to the Chief Pilot of this aircraft, he was very nice and so interesting to talk to.  He had previously flown jet fighters for the United States Navy.  After he got out of the Navy, he did some flying for Rockwell International, if I remember his story correctly, flying a BAC-111 test bed for them.  Rockwell International was manufacturing new flight radars for the B-1 Bomber at the time and their two or three BAC-111 aircraft flew test missions to see how well the software and avionics worked.  The pilot said they did a lot of very low level flying in the BAC-111 and people would call in to their local police department or sheriff’s department, this was before 911, and wanted to report an airliner had just crashed, as the jets were flying so low.  I bet those low level flights did alarm quite a few local residents!

Hope you enjoy the photos.


Starboard Side



Port Side



Citation Excel

I was hired by a company not based in Texas to photograph this jet last week.  Went over to Dallas Executive Airport to photograph it.  They flew in the jet for me to photograph it, and then they flew it back home, to sell it.

It was a gorgeous day to photograph it, and I really enjoyed working with my new client, he told me one of these days, he’d take me flying and I could fly the plane.  I said, “Let’s go right now!”  I can’t believe he didn’t offer to go up right away.

I’m sure he will take me one of these days, until then, enjoy the new photos.

Citation Excel

Citation Excel

Citation Interior

Citation Interior


Photographed a Cessna Citation Excel

I worked with a new client yesterday who recently saw my new advertisement that recently ran for me.

Here is a copy of the ad, please feel free to tell me what you think of it.

I’ll add some of this jet’s photos just as soon as I get finished enhancing them in Photoshop.