Busy Summer

I have been extremely busy this summer and haven’t taken time out to write a blog in quite a while, so I will try and catch up with this blog.

June was an exciting month for me, as I had one of my photographs published on the cover of the June 20, 2014 issue of Executive Controller magazine! This magazine is the “bible” of aircraft brokers who purchase advertisements in this magazine to present to prospective clients. This cover shot was the first one I’ve had and it was a very proud moment for me, to actually see a photograph I took, on the cover!

During the first part of July, I had a client hire me to photograph a private Boeing 757! This was, by far, the largest aircraft I have photographed to date and it was a pleasure to photograph it. This jet originally was ordered directly from the Boeing factory by an extremely wealthy individual, obviously, in fact, he is so wealthy, he purchased two of them! It is hard to imagine someone having the kind of financial resources to buy an aircraft this large, let alone, two Boeing 757’s! I am working with the company that hired me to see if it would be possible to publish some of the photographs on my website and blog, as I need to maintain the new owner’s privacy. If I don’t get to publish any of the photographs, you’ll just have to trust me on how beautiful this aircraft was inside. It was also such a pleasure to work with such a large aircraft interior, as I had plenty of room to move about the three different zones within the cabin, unlike the times I have to scrunch up like a pretzel to get a certain shot in a Lear Jet or Cessna Citation jet. Please don’t get me wrong, I am very happy photographing Lear Jets and Citations, they just present a lot more challenges to photograph the interior versus such a large cabin like the B-757.

After I photographed that jet, I went home and quickly packed and flew out to Midland, TX to photograph two jets for an aircraft dealer in the area. They also plan on chartering these aircraft out, also, when not flying for the owners of these individual jets.

When I finished up that project in Midland, I started to pack my bags for my first international job! I was hired to photograph a Gulfstream G-V, a Falcon 50 and a Hawker 800XP, by a new broker; and all the aircraft were located in Toluca, Mexico! This was an exciting trip and I’ll admit, at first I was somewhat nervous about traveling to Mexico, but soon realized that as long as I stay aware of my surroundings I would be fine. I flew into Mexico City and was greeted by my driver, as soon as I exited Customs and he drove me from Mexico City to Toluca. I did not realize that Toluca is at about 8800 feet elevation and as we drove from Mexico City to Toluca, the landscape began to change and many parts of the drive reminded me of driving in the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado. Toluca is a beautiful city with over 2 million people and I loved seeing all the different scenery. The cooler temperatures were also a welcome bonus, as it was about 98 degrees when I left DFW to fly down to Mexico. I spent three nights in Toluca and photographed the three jets during a span of two days. The people I worked with at the Toluca Airport were so helpful to me in assisting me in order to get the photographs I needed for my client. I wish I had made time to stay one extra day just so I could tour the city, as I was only able to arrange a short visit to two of the beautiful cathedrals in the area. One was extremely big and took over 100 years to build and about one block away from it, was a very small cathedral. Both were so beautiful, yet so different from each other and it was great to see the contrast of both of them.

I’m going to post a few photographs of two of the aircraft I photographed in Toluca and I’ll work better to post a quicker update about what all I did during the month of August, just as soon as I finish up some Photoshop work on some current photographs I need to get out quickly.

Gulfstream G-V

Falcon 50

G-V Interior

Falcon 50 Interior