Embraer Legacy 600 Interior

I had the pleasure of photographing an Embraer Legacy 600, a few weeks ago, and had not yet posted a blog about it. The Embraer Legacy is basically an Embraer 135 Regional Jet, with the updated Mark I cockpit of an Embraer 145. This aircraft is built by Embrear Aircraft in Brazil. Many of your smaller, commuter carriers, such as American Eagle, Delta Connection, US Airways Express and United Express utilize these jets on a number of flights each day from their fortress hubs to smaller communities throughout the United States. The Embraer Legacy was launched in 2000 and is considered a “Super Mid-size” corporate jet, and it competes on the upper end of the small to mid sized range of business jets.

In over ten years of service, Embraer has delivered over 160 Legacy 600 aircraft in more than 20 countries. It has seating for 13 passengers in three partitioned sections within the aircraft.

This jet currently sales for approximately $20 million +, depending on all the “bells and whistles” an owner would want to purchase for their aircraft. The closest competitors to the size of this jet are the Gulfstream G-550 and Bombardier Global Express jets, and they are significantly more expensive to purchase than the Legacy 600.