Houston Trip

I was recently hired to photograph two jets, in one day, down in Houston, TX by a client of mine.

I drove down to Houston and spent the night there, then woke up around 6.30 a.m. to make sure I got to the airport in plenty of time before the sun came up.

I photographed the exteriors of both jets, as the sun was rising, in order to get the most beautiful light available on them. After than, we put both of the jets back into the hangars for the interior shots. Due to there not being any air conditioning running in either plane, due to safety regulations, the inside temperature of both jets was extremely high, plus, in Houston, there is ALWAYS a ton of humidity being right next to The Gulf of Mexico.

I think during the course of photographing both jets, I must have lost about 10 pounds of water weight. I was soaking wet when I finished! Thankfully, I had made a request with my hotel for a “very late check-out” and I was able to go back to the hotel and clean up, before I drove back to Dallas.

I am so fortunately to do what I love and I have such a passion for my job. I am truly blessed!

Posting one of the jets on this post, I’ll save the photos of the other jet, until my next blog.