March Madness

No, this isn’t going to be a blog about the upcoming NCAA basketball tournaments that are getting ready to heat up, leading to the Final Four being played in Arlington, TX at Cowboys Stadium, aka “Jerry World”.

I am finally now able to write something on my blog as February was just a whirlwind of activity with my corporate aviation photography business and I’m so thankful for all the recent business.

As noted in my previous blog, I photographed five jets in three days for client at the first of February and was able to deliver all the projects to my various clients in a timely manner. I do think I was about to wear out my computer with all the photoshop work that was going on, so that my photographs help to SHOWCASE the beauty of these jets. I am so grateful for the business and know God did answer my prayers about getting some new work in the door at the start of the year.

This Monday, I am driving down to Houston, TX to photograph something very different than what I normally photograph, and that will be a yacht! About 95% of my work is photographing corporate jets and large turbo-prop aircraft that are for sale, lease or charter. I recently had a previous client of mine ask me if I would be interested in shooting his brand new yacht and I told him yes. So this project will be completely new for me and I am very excited about it. After I finish photographing the yacht, I am headed to work for a new client in the Central Texas region. I will be photographing a Lear Jet 35 model for him on Wednesday morning. Once again, I want to thank God for answering my prayers about receiving some new business from new clients.

As soon as I get some photos finished, I’ll be sure to put them up here on the blog.

Here are a few of my most recent photos from the five jets in three days tour.

Hope you enjoy them.

Citation CJ1+

Citation CJ1+ Interior

CJ1+ Cockpit