Washington DC Trip

I traveled to our nation’s Capitol on Wednesday of last week for a photo assignment to photograph a Lear Jet 60, and while I was in the area, I also was hired to fly over to Cincinnati to photograph a Challenger 604 for another client.

The trip to Cincinnati was a one day trip and although it was a very productive day, it was also a very long one! I had to leave where I was staying at about 6.30 am in order to catch the Metro train to DCA airport. My flight was on a Delta Connection regional jet; a CRJ-900 and I’d never flown on one of them. It is a nice jet, much better than the original CRJ! The older CRJ has windows so low in the cabin you have to bend over to look outside!

We had to wait about 30 minutes before we finally took off since they were using only runway for landings and take-offs. Made it to CVG okay and that airport, unfortunately is a ghost town now, since Delta Air Lines shut down their hub awhile back.

Went and ate ribs at the world-famous Montgomery Inn Boathouse on the Ohio River and had lunch with an old friend of mine. Then he took me to the Lunken Airport to photograph the Challenger. Beautiful aircraft and the people helping me there were so nice, that certainly helps to make the shoot go smoother.

After shooting the aircraft, a friend of mine’s brother picked me up.

Stay tuned for more.